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Donate your Bras, Lingerie & Swimming Suits and Cancer Survivor items: Wigs, Prosthetic Breast Inserts, Post-mastectomy Bras, etc. and support. 

Your donation is Tax Deductible.

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We are now accepting lingerie and swimming suits in addition to new and used bras. We have just recently started accepting swimming suits because there are some poor countries a suit is the basic item to wear.  Many of you have saved an awful lot of old bras, lingerie and swimming suits just thinking you might want to wear them knowing that they don’t fit anymore, or maybe you just can’t find a fitting occasion for that hot red lace one — whatever the reason, those bras and lingerie aren’t getting any love. I know I hate to just throw them in the trash knowing that someone, somewhere could use them. Many of you would share them but where do you donate them. A lot of donation places just throw them away....we find a home for them. There are plenty of women around the country who need your bras and lingerie. No matter how many you have, new, used, type, color, size we will take them all. Bras that can not be repaired usually end up as art and sold to raise money. We are now accepting all kinds of lingerie, slips, camisoles, swimming suits, etc. There are a few sample photos in the Photo Gallery section.

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Our program has been growing and expanding. We have been receiving donated items from all around the world. Being successful is great but it also creates the need for more volunteers, supplies, funds for basic expenses, shipping and laundry services. Our volunteers allows us not to have to pay staff. We need to purchase a new commercial washer and dryer. Hopefully someone will come forward with the funds to purchase them.

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Now you can recycle and find a home for your bras, lingerie and swimming suits. No matter the size, type or condition we can find a place for them. If you have developing daughters you know the number of bras they go through, recycle them.

We are a Tax Deductible 501(c3) Non-profit organization.

Pass this information along to your friends.

It is hard to find a place to recycle these items.

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