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Shipping Information

We are a Tax Deductible 501(c3) Non-profit organization

We do not sell or giveaway your name, etc. or any information regarding your donation.

If you need a receipt, print this form and list the items you are donating and enclose it with a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Click on the image below and print

donation form for Donate Bra for a cause

Cheapest way to ship is by using a

USPS Priority Flat Rate Box or Standard Post (was Parcel Post).

Check with your local post office for the best way to ship your items.

If your items have the size label removed, place them in a bag with the size marked. Stuff as many items in and mail to:

Priority Flat Rate Boxes

For large shipments contact your local freight lines

Ship via USPS, UPS or FedEx:

 c/o Goodyear
10746 Fenton Dr.
Parker, AZ 85344


c/o Goodyear
10746 Fenton Dr.
Parker, AZ 85344

Opening Shipments

Sometimes we get new stuff from stores closing or over stock

Bra Shipping

Bras getting ready to be processed, they have to be sorted by size, type and condition. 

<bra stack

Would you like to host an event for Bras for a Cause? click link below

Donation Event Bras for a Cause

Now now offer IRS tax receipts at your event.

Donate Your Bra For A Cause 501(c3) Exemption